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Billy The Kid Collection

Billy The Kid Collection from Tribal And Western Impressions - Old West Cowboy And Indian Store-

About Billy The Kid: Billy The Kid's real name is Henry McCarty. He also used an alias of William Bonney. He was born September 17th, 1859 snd died July 14th, 1881. Billy the Kid was known to have killed eight men. He was first arrested for stealing food in 1875. Soon after that, he was arrested again for stealing clothing and firearms. He escaped from jail in the New Mexico Territory and fled to the Arizona Territory. Billy The Kid soon returned to New Mexico and joined a group of cattle rustlers. The Kid took part in the Lincoln County War and joined a group called The Regulators. In April of 1878 this group killed three men including the Lincoln County Sheriff William J. Brady along with one of his deputies. The Kid was charged with the murder of the three men. Billy The Kid was captured by Sheriff Pat Garrett and tried as well as convicted of the murder of Brady. He was sentenced to hang. Again, The Kid escaped from jail on April 28th, 1881 killing two more sheriff's duties in the process. The Kid evaded capture for more than two months. He was eventually shot and killed by Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner on July 14th, 1881.