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Bonanza Ponderosa Cartwright Collection

Bonanza Ponderosa Cartwright Outfits And Collections from Tribal And Western Impressions -

About Bonanza: The Highly popular NBC TV program Bonanza ran between September 1959 to January 1973. Behind only Gunsmoke, it ranks as the second longest running Western show to hit the TV screen. There are 430 episodes. The show is focused on The Cartwrights who own a ranch just South of Virginia City known as the Ponderosa and was set in the 1860's. The show stars the twice widowed Ben Cartwright played by Lorne Greene and his sons Adam Cartwright played by Pernell Roberts, Hoss Cartwright played by Dan Blocker, Little Joe Cartwright played by Michael Landon. The term Bonanza is used by miners that concerns a large vein or ore. The TV show continues to run on cable channels today. You Can Watch Many Esisodes Of Bonanza Right On Your Computer On Hulu Right Now By Clicking Here!  You can also click here to watch a video on the Bonanza Introduction.

About the Hat Bonanza Ponderosa Hat Collection: Through research, we have managed to custom reproduce the Bonanza hats from the Ponderosa which we hope you enjoy wearing as much as we enjoyed researching and putting this special collection together. The Hoss Cartright Ponderosa and the Ben Cartwright Ponderosa are custom shaped and have custom hat bands from Tribal And Western Impressions. These are very fine cowboy hats! Thanks for reviewing the Bonanza Ponderosa Collection. We appreciate you being here!~