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Buffalo Bill Show Stopper Collection

About Buffalo Bill And The Buffalo Bill Collection: Before there was motion pictures and television, people went to traveling shows for entertainment. When it comes to Western Entertainment, the most famous by far of all the traveling shows was William F. Cody's A/K/A Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was founded in 1883 and started touring the United States as a traveling show. The show became a national hit. In 1887, William F. Cody took his show to Great Britain and become a smash hit. In 1889,the show toured all of Europe. William F. Cody and his Wild West Show became the first really big World Famous show long before motion pictures and television. The show went on until 1901 when a train crash outside of Lexington, North Carolina. The train accident didn't kill any people but injured Buffalo Bill's headline performer, Annie Oakley. Oakley was told she would never walk again and certainly could not perform. The accident put the show on hold and is now considered the incident that put an end to the Billy Bill Wild West Show. William F. Cody went on and performed in smaller shows until 1908. When it comes to the Wild West, it is often said that Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was the greatest Western Show on Earth. William F. Cody died on January 10th, 1917. He is buried on Colorado's Lookout Mountain on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. You can visit the Buffalo Bill Gave Site And Museum in Golden, Colorado. The gave site and museum has an online web site you can view by clicking here. You can also go through the Buffalo Bill Center Of The West in Cody Wyoming which also has an online website you can view by clicking here. You can also scoll down and watch a Biography of William F. Cody. We believe that if Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was still in existence and traveling the country today, they would be obtaining some of their show outfits and clothing from Tribal And Western Impressions since it's a mixture of Authentic Old West Cowboy And Indian style clothing which would fit in with the theme of the famous show. So we have hand selected the style that would vastly fit in with William F. Cody's flamboyant show-stopping style. Below you will find coats, vests, shirts and pants that would fit the theme of the show-stopper style! Thanks for reviewing our Buffalo Bill Collection! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did getting it all together! We appreciate you reviewing our collection!