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Lee Van Cleef Collection

Lee Van Cleef Spaghetti Western Collection from Tribal And western Impressions - Old West Cowboy And Indian Store -

Lee Van Cleef Style Old West Spaghetti Western Movie Set Outfit Reproductions And Collection

Clarence Leroy "Lee' Van Cleef, Jr. was an American actor who appeared in Spaghetti Westerns such as the iconic The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and For A Few Dollars More with Clint Eastwood. He also appeared in many Western TV shows over the years. He was also a smash hit in the movie Sabata which came out in 1969. Cleef was born January 9th, 1925 and died December 16th, 1989. In this collection, you will find a reproduction of his hat, other clothing and guns he used in his TV and silver screen roles. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed developing it. We appreciate you viewing it and happy trails to you!