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Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok Outfit From Tribal And Western Impressions

James Butler Hickok, who became known as Wild Bill Hickok; is likely the most famous Western cowboy in American history. He was born in 1837 on a farm in Illinois. At the young age of 18, Hickok traveled West and was actually a fugitive from the law. He first became a stagecoach driver but soon became constable of the law. During the Civil War, Hickok served in the Union Army and gained a reputation as a spy for the union as well as a scout. Over the years, he was involved in many shootouts and became a legend in his own time as the most famous cowboy of the West. His shootouts and Indian fights became legendary in his own time due to newspaper and magazine coverage of his activities which were often embellished. Other than a lawman, Hickok was also a professional gambler and even tried his hand at acting because of his widely known name. His acting career didn't work out too well. His efforts to win various elections as sheriff and marshal in various parts of the West didn't work out too well either. Hickok was a flamboyant dresser and always had the best of everything when it came to clothing, gun rigs, hats, boots and guns. His possessions were very fancy. After losing several elections to lawman positions, he one election in 1869 as City Marshal of Hay County Kansas as well are sheriff of Ellis County, Kansas. It had been reported that Hays County was having problems keeping sheriffs and several had quite over the last year and a half. When elected, it has also been reported that Hickok was already serving as acting Sheriff. During his tenure as City Marshall and Sheriff he was involved in several more shootouts. In April of 1971, Hickok replaced Tom "Bear River" Smith as Marshal of Abilene Kansas. Tom Smith had been killed in confrontations earlier. As time moved forward, Hickok's health adn eye sight declined which is not a very good thing for a famous gunfighter and lawman. He married, then drifted for a while.He finally settled in Deadwood South Dakota. He spent most of his time in saloons as a professional gambler. It is said by those close to him that he had a premonition that Deadwood would be the last town he lived in. He was shot in the back on August 2nd, 1876 while he sat in a chair in a saloon by a man by the name of Jack McCall in Deadwood. McCall had lost badly in a card game the night before. When Hickok died from the shot in the back from McCall, he was holding two aces and two eights in his hand. This has since forever been called The Dead Man's Hand. If you go to Deadwood South Dakota, you can still see the chair that James Butler Hickok was shot in and go visit his grave. Below is the Wild Bill Hickok Collection which consists of Western hats, clothing including Vests, Shirts, Pants, Ties And Coats as well a a pocket watch, belt buckles, and museum quality gun replicas.