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Famous Guns Of The Old West Collection

About The Famous Guns Of The Old West Collection

Our Old West gun and movie prop collection features authentic and historically detailed reproductions of famous Old West guns you will love to have and collect. So realistic, movie production companies, TV production crews and museums buy and use them on their movie sets and in their museum displays. Finally detailed workmanship for museum quality displays, close-up still photo shoots and film shoots. The Old West Replica guns do not fire and can not be altered but look like the real thing. On most of them you can pull the loading gate, cock the hammer, spin the cylinder, pull the trigger and let the hammer fall...just like in the old days. If you are interested in old West blank firing guns for movie set shoots and staged shoot-outs to get the authentic sound of a real gun firing, be sure to check out the blank-firing old West gun collection. Museum quality for displays, collections and wearing when you cowboy up with our hand tooled high grade Western belt and gun holsters!  Go ahead and make your day! Pick your Old West museum quality authentic-looking replica guns out and we assure you that you'll be amazed at the detail and workmanship that goes into these collector's possessions!  Thanks for viewing our Old West Collector's Armory Selectons. We appreciate you being here! 

Museum Quality Famous Rifle Replicas Of The Old West

Blank Firing Famous
Revolvers Of The Old West


Museum Quality Famous Gun
Wood Display Plaques



Old West Boxed Gun Display Sets



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