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Western And Old West Neckwear Collection

In the West And The Old West, men tend to not wear conventional neck ties. Instead, a whole line of Western neckwear has developed in the form of Silk Cowboy Scarfs and Scarf Slides, Old West Style Neck Ties, Bolo Ties and Collar Tips.  It's important to note that in the states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona - the Bolo Tie has been declared the official neckwear of those states. The Cowboy scarf is worn by both men and women. A Scarf Tie is a Western cut tie that hangs down in two pieces which is different from the conventional business man's neck tie. Both scarves and scarf ties can be tied in a number of ways around the  neck and a scarf slide is often used to hold them in place. Off this page you will find a wide collection of Western and Old West Neckwear!  While cowboys and cowgirls of the American West developed their special style of neckwear, so did Native American Indians! Native Americans developed a form on neckwear called the bone choker. Bone chokers are hand strung with bone hairpin beads and leather then embellished in various ways. You'll also find an extensive collection of Native American Indian style bone chokers! Thanks for viewing our extensive collection of Western Neckwear! We appreciate you shopping on our web site! Just click on each link below to go to that collection to review it. 


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