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Frontier Classics Old West Montana Shirt- Two Colors

Frontier Classics Old West Montana Shirt- Two Colors


 Frontier Classics Old West Montana Shirts $58.00
Color Choices - White Or Natural

The authentic Frontier Classics Montana Shirts are 100% cotton and feature a four button front with wide puff sleeves and a gathered bottom below the buttons. They can be obtained in natural or white colors. Clothing was often limited to those who lived in the Old West. In the Montana Territory, this shirt became highly popular as it could be worn in many different settings. The Authentic Montana Frontier Classic Shirt can be worn as an everyday shirt or dress shirt with a tie and vest. 

About Your Frontier Classics Old West Clothing: Frontier Classics clothing are authentic reproductions of styles and actual garments from the 1870s and 1880s. Frontier Classics clothing is used in major Hollywood motion pictures and television productions, and has become very popular with Old West re-enactors and Cowboy shooters worldwide. The widespread popularity of Frontier Classics clothing is due primarily to word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. With great pricing points and the authentic Old West look in every detail as well as the attention to quality Old West clothing products, you'll be proud to wear the Old West brand that stands out from the crowd. Make your day by ordering now. We assure you you will be happy you did it.

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