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Mens Double Bottom Softsole Deerskin Moccasins

Mens Double Bottom Softsole Deerskin Moccasins


Mens Double Bottom Deerskin Softsole  Moccasins  # 816 - $87.95
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Deerskin, the original American leather, plays double duty here. With an outer layer and an inside layer, this Softsole offers incomparable softness and durability. Deerskin upper with deerskin lining Deerskin offers an ultra soft, buttery feel that molds to your feet. A double layer of deerskin inside and out gives an added layer of both durability and comfort that you may never want to take off. - Padded cushion insole Deerskin soft sole. Butter-soft - natural deerskin color. Handmade by Minnetonka-moccasin company since 1946! 

Why Soft Soles: Native Americans have worn soft sole moccasins for centuries for a reason. First of all, they are comfortable and the next best thing to walking barefoot. Soft soul moccasins are easy on mother nature. The give you a more silent walk and are often the choice of hunters. You move freely and feel the ground under you as you walk in a more silent way. With a double lined bottom, you get the benefits of double protection as well as a soft sole walk. The Minnetonka soft sole deerskin moccasin is tuff and a design that permits you to walk on grass or concrete in them and they simply feel good.

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