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Rodeo King Old West 3X Ten Gallon Gus Hat- Silverbelly

Rodeo King Old West 3X Ten Gallon Gus Hat- Silverbelly

$128.00 $189.00

3X Old West Blend Ten Gallon Gus Rodeo King Hat  $128.00
Silverbllly Or Black

The all new Rodeo King 3X Old West Blend Ten Gallon Gus Hat is high quality at price points you'll like! Rodeo King hats are made the old fashioned way, one at a time in the USA! This ten gallon cowboy gus hat hat has a four inch brim and a 6 inch crown. These hats feature a ribbon bow-tie hat band, wide brim with bound edging. There is an inside sweat band and satin inner lining. The Rodeo King 3X Old West Blend gives you that Old West look on the hat's finish! The Old West 3X Rodeo King Ten Gallon Hat can be obtained in Black, Chocolate, Silver Belly, Pecan Or White. 

About Ten Gallon Old West Hats: The term Ten Gallon Hat was coined in the mid 1920's but had been worn since the mid 1800's. The hat does not actually hold ten gallons on water. It only holds about three quarts. The name was likely coined from the Spanish term "tan galán" which means really handsome or very fine. In the Old South West, many cowboys wanted a big hat and the bigger the better as it protected them from the elements and kept the sun out of their eyes. In the 1920's, many Cowboy Movie stars adopted the ten gallon hat as a standard and it become highly popular. If you want a large sharp looking cowboy hat with that Old West Flavor, the Legendary Ten Gallon Hat is a great choice since they look really sharp on! 

About Brim Edge Binding: In the Old West and in Rodeos, Cowboys and Cowgirls frequently have their hat fall off their head no matter how good the fit is. The edge binding protects the edges of the cowboy hat when the hat hits the floor or the ground. Over the years, edge binding has become not only a fashion statement but the binding looks sharp. Most brim edge binding will match the color of that hat band. 

Rodeo King hats are known for top quality with their fur felt and wool blends with their unique handcrafted workmanship! They have been making handcrafted Western hats in the USA since 1921. Go ahead and make your day by ordering your Ten Gallon Old West Hat today. We know you'll be happy and very pleases that you did it!

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