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Scully Leather Old West Fringed Leather Lace-Up Shirt - Chocolate

Scully Leather Old West Fringed Leather Lace-Up Shirt - Chocolate


John Wayne Style Scully Leather Old West Fringed Leather Lace-Up Shirt 195.00

Fringe leather shirt worn by trappers and other frontier folks which was basically copied from Native American shirts. This shirt laces up the front and sides. There is extensive fringe on the front and back yokes. Acetate lined yoke and shoulder area only. The leather on these shirts are top grain quality. Down the sides of the shirt, there are long rawhide hangs that extend from the side lacing giving the overall design a real frontier look. People like Davy Crockett loved this shirt design and this Scully brand shirt has appeared in many Western movies and TV shows over the years.

Special Features Of The Old West Classic Lace-Up Scully Shirt - From Tribal Impressions

• 100% High Grain Suede leather
• Scully brand insures you top quality in material and workmanship!

• Front placket laced up with genuine rawhide
• Lace Is 100% Genuine Rawhide
• Rawhide Lace Can Be Adjustable To Fit Your Needs Or Style
• Rawhide Lacing Down The Sides
• Your choice of Natural Or Black Cotton

Scully has been providing high end Western clothing to the entertainment, movie and stage show industries since 1906! This is a high class high grade Western work of art you wear and you will look your best in these amazing Old West Leather Lace-Up shirts. Beware of dishonest fly-by-night dealers who steal official Scully photos, sell you this shirt at a to-good-to-be true price and then send you some off brand interior product that falls apart quickly and doesn't match the high grade quality of Scully products. Secure the high grade Western shirt you will love to wear from the famous name of the old West, Scully - serving the Western clothing market since 1906!

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