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Wahmaker Old West 100% Cotton Stripe Pants

Wahmaker Old West 100% Cotton Stripe Pants


Wahmaker Old West 100% Cotton Stripe Pants  $89.00
These striking stripe pants feature a button fly, two front pockets, watch pocket and an adjustable back strap. 100% cotton. 36" inseam. Made in usa. Scully And Wahmaker brand Western clothing assures you of high grade top quality in material and workmanship. Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs and imitations! Wahmaker has been providing high end Western clothing to the entertainment, movie and stage show industries since 1800's!  

About Wahmaker Old West Clothing: Wahmaker Cowboy Clothing is the recognized leader in design and manufacture of traditional clothing of the American West. Their standards for quality, value and authenticity are unsurpassed. Adherence to old-time values and a dedication to the company's rich Western heritage have earned a coveted position in the Western industry. For over 125 years, the Cowboy has been recognized around the world by clothing and accoutrements. This rich legacy of dress has provided Wahmaker with the inspiration to design a line of clothing that embodies the spirit of the American frontier. Wahmaker clothing and accessories are appreciated for their authenticity and have been featured in Acadamy Award-winning motion pictures and Western TV Shows. In the 1800's Wahmaker was a traveling clothing maker that traveled around in the Old West in a covered wagon hand making clothing to order on the Western Frontier. Moving from Western town to Western town, Wahmaker clothing was in huge demand! In was eventually purchased by Scully Leather in the early 1900's. The tradition lives on and all Wahmaker brand Old West products are made in the USA. Today, discerning men and women from all walks of life have chosen Wahmaker as their choice for authentic Western clothing. Wahmaker products are as stylish and enduring as the American West itself.  

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